Gender in 2019 Survey of Program Graduates

A total of 387 participants completed the 2019 Survey of Program Graduates. These individuals identified themselves as having completed or being in the process of completing a video-game-based program at a post-secondary institution. The participants included both undergraduate and graduate students.

Most of the respondents identified as men (70%), which is slightly lower than the rate reported in the 2015 HEVGA Survey (73%). There was a higher rate of respondents who identified as women in this survey (26%) compared with the 2015 survey (22%). Approximately 2% of respondents identified as non-binary, genderqueer, and/or third gender. Another 2% did not answer.

In a separate anonymous question not tied to the other demographic questions, we asked respondents “Do you identify as a transgender person?” Most people (76%) stated that they did not identify as a transgender person. 72% identified as cisgender, a term used when an individual’s gender identity matches the sex they were assigned at birth. 4% indicated they did not identify as either cisgender or transgender. A little over 10% of respondents identified as transgender—including as a transgender man, a transgender woman, or as “non-binary, genderqueer, and/or third gender.”