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New Report: Benefits of Video Games in K-12 Education

Washington, D.C. – October 26, 2021 – The Higher Education Video Game Alliance (HEVGA) and the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) today released a new report highlighting the benefits of using video games in K-12 settings. Based on an extensive review of decades of academic literature, the report, Benefits of Video Games in K-12 Education, discusses […]

HEVGA Report of Program Graduates: Highlighted Excerpts

A little over a year ago HEVGA published our most recent report on program graduates. Today it is still regularly being used by administrators, faculty, industry, and government agencies. For more information or to read the report, please click here.

Games Programs in Community Colleges & Universities

The total number of technical training centers, community colleges, and large universities with games courses and programs is considerable. In the US alone, over 520 institutions offered 1200+ game-related programs and degrees in 2018. An even greater number offered courses, but no program or degree. Meanwhile, the number of games-related programs in post- secondary institutions […]