Employment in the Video Games Industry

A total of 387 participants completed the 2019 Survey of Program Graduates. These individuals identified themselves as having completed or being in the process of completing a video-game-based program at a post-secondary institution. The participants included both undergraduate and graduate students.

84% of respondents stated that they were currently employed. This included full-time, part-time, and contract work, as well as self-employment. The rate of employment increased with the age of respondents. For example, 70% of the youngest cohort of respondents reported being employed compared with 100% of the oldest cohort.

Of those in the 2019 survey who reported being employed, approximately 77% had full-time work, 16% had part-time work, and 5% were self-employed. 12% indicated that they had secured contract work.

From the data, it is reasonable to conclude that respondents engaged in multiple forms of work. For example, of the 251 respondents who described their work as full-time, 34 also indicated that they did contract work on top of their employment (9% of the entire sample). With respect to employment type, the percentages did not change significantly from the 2015 survey, although the previous survey did not explicitly ask about contract work.