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Hartmut Koenitz

Before coming to HKU University of the Arts utrecht, Hartmut Koenitz was an Assistant Professor in Mass Media Arts at the University of Georgia, researching Interactive Digital Narrative and Video Games. He is also an artist (his work was exhibited in Atlanta, Paris, Seoul, Istanbul and Copenhagen) and sometimes a car mechanic. His areas of interest center around new expressive forms using digital technology. This includes narrative in video games as well as interactive art pieces and installations. He is the creator of the authoring tool ASAPS. He has taught many classes connected to digital media, including interactive narrative, game programming, video production, and web design. From 2017 Koeniz has joined the Advisory Board of the Euregio-project “RheijnLand.Xperiences”, in which four musea in the Niederrhein-region (Germany) en four musea in de region Arnhem-Nijmegen will develop narratives on the basis of their collections.