HEVGA to host European Symposium at Gotland Game Conference June 7 & 8

GOTLAND, SWEDEN – April 26, 2018 – Last year, as part of the Gotland Game Conference (GGC), HEVGA co-hosted the Game Educators Summit in conjunction with Uppsala University. The Summit brought together educators from across Europe to discuss the structure of Game Educations in Europe, our unique needs within and across borders, and how to best expand HEVGA in Europe.

This year, HEVGA is continuing to grow its efforts in Europe by holding our first annual European Symposium of the Higher Education Video Game Alliance on the beautiful island of Gotland, Sweden. Uppsala University has been chosen by HEVGA as the first school to host the symposium and will co-locate it with the Gotland Game Conference to maximize cross-pollination.


The two day symposium will take place on June 7 & 8. The first day will feature presentations across a wide variety of areas such as research, game educations, pedagogy, game design, games, institutional barriers and successes, within and across borders barriers and successes, and programs or initiatives unique to Europe. Slots are available in 15 – 45 minute increments.


The second day will consist of a working meeting designed to bring together diverse institutions and individual backgrounds to take stock of where games and game educations in Europe are at now. The working meeting will explore how to create a platform that can further establish a European games community in higher education across borders. Specific topics include: how to secure funding, creating a network that connects educations, amplifying local achievements globally, and avenues for unified advocacy.


To join us for the first European Symposium of the Higher Education Video Game Alliance hosted by Uppsala University, click here.